Never Give Up On Your Hair: Things to Try after You’ve Tried Everything

Never give up is a great motto to approach everything in life, least of all your hair. There’s always time to fight like hell and never give up on your hair.

Hide from the Elements

Most balding men suffer from male pattern baldness. There’s a pattern to it. Ever wonder why hair loss often starts at the top of the head where sunlight is most direct? Sun, wind, and polluted air have been linked to hair loss. Prolonged exposure can alter the hair’s keratin fiber structure. So always wear sunglasses and head covering to protect from the environment.

Try Yoga for Hair Loss

All yoga poses that require bending your head forward can improve blood circulation to and in your head, and we already know that healthy blood circulation is important for hair follicles. This is why men with high blood pressure are more prone to hair loss. For men who haven’t tried yoga, you now have the perfect reason to start.

Pull out Your Hair

A study found that forcefully pulling out hair can stimulate hair growth. Not only that, hair grew back in higher concentration and precise patterns. These experiments used only mice, but it’s worth a try. It worked for patches of hair smaller than a pencil-tip eraser, so don’t pull out too much of your hair at a time.

Check out the Plant of Immortality

Ancient Egyptians called aloe vera the plant of immortality. Among other things, people have been using aloe vera to treat hair loss for ages. It must have worked for some of them, so why not you?

Bite the Bullet and See a Dermatologist

Minoxidil is the only hair loss pharmaceutical that doesn’t require a prescription, but there are many other drugs that have shown promise. It’s worth saving up to visit a dermatologist who can identify the cause of your hair and prescribe the right medication.

In Conclusion: Write a Song about Hair Loss

Artists as diverse as Sia, Spice Girls and Robin Thicke have recorded songs with “never give up” in the title. So why not write an inspirational song or poem called Never Give up on Your Hair? If nothing else, this can inspire you to redouble your effort.