Pregnant? This is Why You’re Losing Your Hair

Pregnancy hits and you are so excited about this new chapter. There is so much to look forward to and yet there are some things that can be unexpected or unwelcome. There are a whole host of symptoms and issues that you may have to work through. You want to go in prepared for anything, both good and bad. As one of the many symptoms that people have to deal with during pregnancy, hair loss can be something unforeseen and very frustrating.

So the question becomes, is there anything that you can do to avoid or even prevent hair loss altogether? Is there anything in the way of prevention? The answer is not really, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to minimize the effects of it. When you go through pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place. It is this constant change of hormones that contributes to the hair loss in the first place. You can’t really control that as it happens naturally when you are carrying a baby. Understand that so that you can see where it comes from and why it occurs in the first place.

You have to consider though that there are some helpful and safe home remedies which may be of assistance when hair loss strikes. You may find that using something as simple as coconut oil on your hair as a mask can offer a bit of help. You may find that adding Omega 3 fatty acids or nutrients like iron or fiber to your diet can help. Though deficiencies may not always be to blame, they can certainly factor into why the hair loss is occurring.

Know that the condition is temporary and that it will more than likely subside after the baby is born. It is very common, and though it may not be avoidable, you can do your part to minimize the effect it has on you. When everything in your body is going to creating and nurturing a baby, these symptoms may be inevitable. The hair loss will likely not be completely overwhelming, and if you turn to some natural remedies, then it just might make this a bit more manageable.

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