Scientists Discover Growth Mechanisms That Could Stop Hair Loss in Men

growth mechanisms can stop hair loss

When it comes to hair loss in the male gender, alopecia is the leading cause. As many as 50% of men suffer from variations of it by the age of 50. With statistics like that, it’s obvious this is a major issue.

This is why it has been studied closely, in the hope of finding a cure or a reversal for hair loss. Scientists in an international joint study believe that they may have found an answer to this issue. They’re putting faith in that the newly discovered growth mechanisms can stop hair loss.

What Does That Mean?

They found their answer by looking at the way in which hair grows all over the human body. A big focus in this is the bone morphogenetic proteins inside us, as well as the Wnt proteins. These proteins play a big part in the cycle of hair growth.

The bone morphogenetic proteins, or BMT’s, are essential to the functioning of the cells that hair grows from. The Wnt proteins are just as important but work differently. They regulate the proliferation of the cells during the growth process.

It’s All About Communication

The key is how the proteins as mentioned earlier communicate with each other. Basically, if the communication between the two is interrupted in any way, that’s when baldness happens.

From this, scientists believe that they can prompt that communication with medicine. This will return the growth of hair to many people.

In Conclusion

With hair loss being such a large issue in the male community, it’s something that needs to be addressed. That’s why the possibility that these growth mechanisms can stop hair loss is so important. With something as simple as an evening pill, hair could be returned to the heads of many men affected by this issue.