Should You Eat More Protein For Healthier Hair?

Protein is a building block that is essential to every single system in your body. Without protein, no part of your body would be able to function properly or effectively. Your hair is comprised mostly of protein, and it stands to reason that it would require protein to grow and thrive.

Ways to Introduce Protein to Hair

Protein can be delivered to hair externally or internally. Internally, of course, you must simply consume high-quality protein in order to deliver additional protein to your hair. The most important types of protein are those rich in fatty acids such as fish and flax oil. To successfully and effectively change your diet to support healthy, strong hair, you must add protein to support your hair and surrounding systems.

Protein can also be applied topically in the form of hair masks and treatments. Some treatments are applied in an esthetician’s office, while others require only a few ingredients you’ll likely have on hand. Typically, professional and amateur protein treatments involve heat in order to help the protein penetrate the hair shaft.

Changes to Expect

Ingesting and applying protein will not stop hair loss in its tracks entirely, particularly if your hair loss is due to genetic factors. However, using protein for your hair can create stronger, healthier individual strands of hair, which makes your hair look fuller and thicker. A single protein treatment is not enough to create long-lasting changes to your hair, but consistent treatments can help create a more youthful appearance, even if you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning.

Additional Benefits

Protein is important for protecting and strengthening existing hair strands, but it is also a useful component in improving your overall health.  Consuming more high quality proteins could potentially fix some health problems related to your hair loss. If you have a nutrient deficiency, for instance, adding healthy protein and fats can help get your body back on track and halt hair loss.

Getting in enough protein can also help prevent conditions such as diabetes (which has been known to cause hair loss) and similar conditions, all of which have the potential to spur brittle, thinning, or shedding hair. Protein can also help keep anxiety and insomnia low, as both have also been linked to excessive hair loss.

Ultimately, protein is an essential ingredient to a healthy body. Whether you have a full head of hair just beginning to shed, or you are fighting an all-out attack on your follicles, making sure you have plenty of protein in your diet and hair shaft can help.

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