Stop Hair Loss Using Best Marigold Masks


Marigold (Calendula) is known for its incredible healing properties for health, hair, and skin since 11th or 12th century. Fresh calendula cools down the redness and itching on the inflamed scalp. It boosts collagen production that keeps follicles healthy and thick.


It also helps to curb out the fungal and bacterial infections caused due to balding. The polysaccharides contained in it mainly help in HIV related hair loss. When you apply calendula oil daily on locks, it keeps them well nourished and stops dandruff.

Tip 1: Marigold Tea


a) Select fresh buds and rinse them before using them to get rid of dirt or bugs.
b) Fill the container with a cover and boil it.
c) Steep it for 20 minutes and then strain out.
d) Consume it hot, and you can also add lemon juice to it.

Tip 2: Marigold Hair Mask



a) Add 3/4 cup yogurt to a blender.
b) Now combine a handful of fresh calendula buds.
c) Apply the mix to your hair and massage it into your scalp thoroughly.
d) Leave the mixture on your head at least for 20 minutes or overnight.
e) Wash off your hair mask and shampoo plus condition it as usual.

Tip 3: Marigold Hair Oil


a) Take dried calendula flower in a glass jar.
b) Fill it with olive oil and close it with a lid.
c) Store it in a dark place and shale it daily in every half month.


d) Strain the oil into another glass jar after 15 days.
e) For storage, mix it with vitamin E oil.
f) Use it on your hair and scalp.


You Will Need:

a) 6 ounces calendula infused oil
b) 10 to 15 drops rosemary essential oil
c) 10 to 15 drops tea tree essential oil
d) 10 to 15 drops sage essential oil
e) 2 ounces jojoba oil


a) Mix all the oils in a spray bottle.
b) Shake it before applying on the hair scalp.

Tip 3: Cayenne Pepper + Calendula 

You Will Need:

a) 2 tablespoon cayenne pepper tincture
b) 4 tablespoon calendula and chamomile decoction



a) To prepare the herbal infusion, mix dried calendula and chamomile petal in hot water.
b) Leave it for half an hour and then drain out the herbs and store the decoction in a container.
c) Blend tea with cayenne pepper tincture and save the liquid in a spray bottle.
d) Spread the hair mask over the scalp and leave it for half an hour.
e) Rinse hairs using any herbal shampoo.

Tip 4: Hops (Kanphuta) and Calendula Hair Mask



a) Make a powder of dried marigold flowers and dried birch leaves.
b) In a 1 cup of hot beer, pour down the prepared powder and leave the mixture to sit for 2 hours.
c) After straining out the liquid, gently rub the solution to your hair roots for nearly 20 to 25 minutes.
d) Shampoo it off, and it is recommended to repeat the process for 2 to 3 times in a week.

Note: Store the leftover solution in the fridge for future use and use this before one week.