The 3 Best Super Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

To prevent hair loss, you need a healthy diet rich in some very important nutrients. Luckily, you can find most, if not all of them, in some readily available foods. These foods are also known as superfoods because of their many positive effects on human health. They are also some of the top foods that prevent hair loss.

1. Salmon

When it comes to foods that prevent hair loss, salmon is the king. This superfood is rich in vitamins and the very beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. What’s more, it also has high protein content. Your hair is made up of proteins, so to keep it healthy, you need to eat lots of healthy proteins, too.

2. Green Veggies

Green veggies like broccoli, spinach, and kale can also do a lot to boost your hair health. They provide your body with vitamins A and C, which help the production of scalp oil known as sebum. This oil acts as a conditioner and protects your hair roots and follicles from damage. On top of that, kale is also rich in fibers that help improve the anti-inflammatory properties of your body.

3. Berries

Vitamin C allows your hair cells to produce more collagen. They need it to remove damaged hair follicles and stimulate the reproduction of healthy hair cells. Berries are a great natural source of vitamin C, which earns them a place among the top foods that prevent hair loss.