The 5 Best Home Remedies for Dry Hair

best home remedies for dry hair

You get dry hair when your scalp either doesn’t produce enough moisture or can’t keep hold of the moisture it does produce.

Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do about the problem. These are the five best home remedies for dry hair.

1. Condition With Mayonnaise

According to the Vidal Sassoon Salon’s former art director, mayonnaise makes for an excellent hair conditioner. Its oily properties mean it ups the scalps moisture content.

Leave it in your hair for between five minutes and one hour before washing it out.

2. Eat More Protein

Every cell in your body needs protein, including those that produce your hair. Moreover, protein helps to protect your hair against drying.

Eat fish and lean poultry meats, such as chicken, for a healthy source of protein that gives your scalp a boost.

3. Use Beer

Drinking more beer isn’t the solution here, unfortunately. Instead, spraying it on your hair helps it to maintain its moisture.

This is another tip that comes from the Vidal Sassoon Salon’s ex art director. He says to apply it after you towel dry your hair, but before you blow-dry.

4. Condition Before Washing

Mayonnaise isn’t the only effective natural conditioner. Anything that contains shea butter, rosemary oils, or lavender can have a positive effect.

Apply conditioner to your hair before shampooing it. Ideally, you’ll leave the conditioner on for an hour before you continue with your wash.

5. Up Your Iron Intake

Studies have linked iron deficiency to hair loss and dry hair.

Make sure you have plenty of Vitamin B6 in your diet. You can get this from dried fruit, red meats, and broccoli.

The Final Word

These are the best home remedies for dry hair. Combine them to give your hair a new lease on life.