The Shocking Effects of Onions on Your Hair

onion juice for hair growth

Using onion juice for hair growth is by no means a new trend. In fact, our ancestors were doing it thousands of years ago. But why exactly are onions so good for your hair?

1. They Keep Your Hair Strong

Onions are rich in certain compounds that can help stimulate hair growth. For one, they contain lots of sulfur. This mineral is essential to our well-being as our bodies need it to synthesize proteins. One such protein is keratin, which gives your hair structure and stability. It also helps prevent breakage and thinning of the hair.

2. They Protect the Follicles

Onions also contain flavonoids, very powerful antioxidants. They help your body fight against the harmful free radicals. One of those flavonoids is quercetin. Research shows that quercetin may be a good treatment option for genetic hair loss. That’s because it helps protect the follicles from damage, thus allowing them to grow new hair.

3. They Stimulate Hair Growth

In 2002, a small study looked at the effects of onion juice for hair growth. The researchers observed a group of men and women with alopecia areata. After two weeks of using onion juice, their hair started growing again. What’s more, by week eight, almost 90 percent of them have noticed significant hair growth.

Final Word

These are only some of the benefits of using onion juice for hair growth. While this is not a cure for genetic hair loss, it may help minimize its symptoms, which is why so many people are using it. Also, don’t opt for this method if you’re allergic to onions. Instead, you might want to consider giving other remedies a try.