The Underrated Impact of Proper Scalp Care

underrated impact of proper scalp care

Some people focus so much on hair care that they forget about where it comes from. Your scalp contains thousands of hair follicles and needs caring for just as much as your hair. That’s why hairdressers often give scalp massages before they get to work. Here’s the underrated impact of proper scalp care.

It Alleviates Stress

As stress builds, your mind and body struggle to function as effectively. A scalp massage boosts your body’s serotonin and dopamine levels and reduces cortisol, which combats the effects of stress.

The indirect effects of lower stress levels include healthier sleep patterns and paying more attention to your diet.

Creating a Healthy Hair Growth Environment

A combination of scalp massages and regular cleaning create a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Massages increase blood flow to your hair, which stimulates your hair follicles. Scalp masks that contain menthol, peppermint, or rosemary boost the effects.

Additionally, proper scalp care removes the dry and dead skin from the scalp. Too much dead skin, which comes from conditions like dandruff and psoriasis, inhibit healthy hair growth. In fact, allowing the dead skin to collect on your scalp may exacerbate the effects of hair loss and thinning.

How Often Should I Massage My Scalp?

Try to massage your scalp at least once a week for at least five minutes. Take deep breaths throughout, as this encourages the flow of oxygen to your scalp.

Furthermore, check the creams and products you use as part of the massage. If you suffer from a dry skin condition, use a product that exfoliates as well as cleanses.

With regular massages, you’ll benefit from the underrated impact of proper scalp care. You’ll grow more and healthier hair, plus you’ll lower your stress levels.