This Controversial Device Could Help Regrow Hair

Laser helmets for hair loss

Laser helmets for hair loss are among the most recent products that promise to help regrow hair. One of them, the Capillus82, has ended up in the news right after hitting the market. But the controversy had little to do with the actual product. Instead, it was all about how the manufacturers have decided to advertise it.

Why the Controversy?

The Capillus82 is very similar to other laser helmets for hair loss on the market. This alone helped the company behind it get the green light from FDA. After all, Capillus is a new player in the hair loss equipment industry. They thus have no prior track record that FDA could base their decision on.

Now, the adverts for the product claim that it was subject to clinical trials that have proved its effectiveness. However, the truth is that there was no extensive clinical trial. Instead, there was a small-scale on a group of women with female pattern hair loss. Still, this didn’t stop the manufacturer from making the false claim.

This, in turn, prompted the advertising industry watchdog NAD to react. They asked Capillus to remove the claim from their promo materials. Moreover, they also objected to the use of the phrase “recommended by physicians.” The company has yet to respond to these accusations of false advertising.

Does the Product Really Work?

As we have already said, there is very little proof that this helmet can help people regrow hair. The small-scale study found that it helped increase the hair count in women by 51%. But the study didn’t specify if the women were using any other hair loss products at the same time.

Final Word

While these laser helmets for hair loss might seem appealing, it’s still impossible to say how effective they really are. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, your best bet is to visit a dermatologist. They’ll help you choose one of the proven methods to solve your hair problems.