This Hollywood Beauty Trick Could Cause Hair Loss

hair facelift and hair loss

When it comes to beauty tricks, we can always count on Hollywood leading the pack and constantly come up with new ways to make stars look more beautiful. However, some of these tricks can have serious side effects if performed at home. That is certainly the case with the “hair facelift” that can affect our hair health and even cause hair loss.

So, what is the link between the hair facelift and hair loss?

What Is the Hair Facelift?

Also known as the “Croydon facelift”, the hair facelift is a hair styling technique that is used to create a slightly lifted, younger look. The hair is scraped back into a very tight ponytail or a bun. This pulls the skin on your face back and makes it feel tighter and lifted.

The hairline is then often powdered to make it appear fuller and create a more youthful look. Hollywood celebrities often use this trick to avoid the flash from the cameras hitting their exposed scalp.

Hair Facelift and Hair Loss

However, while this technique is effective in making you appear younger, it can be harmful to your hair. Excessive pulling on your hair and putting constant pressure on you hairline can cause a condition called traction alopecia. A receding hairline usually characterizes this type of hair loss and thinning of hair on the sides and front of your scalp.

To treat this condition, your doctor may prescribe you minoxidil (Rogaine) to help the hair regrow and topical steroids to reduce the swelling and inflammation on your scalp.


The link between the hair facelift and hair loss comes from the excessive hair pulling and tension. Avoid this popular Hollywood trick and prevent hair damage by wearing more comfortable hair styles that don’t put so much pressure on your scalp.