This Rare Form of Alopecia Has a Very Unusual Cause

rare form of alopecia and its unusual cause

Few people get alopecia. And, even less because of this cause. Find out more about this rare form of alopecia and its unusual cause.

What Is Alopecia?

There are many different ways a person can lose hair. It may happen as a gradual thinning. Or, someone may see bald patches in an otherwise full head of hair.

Sometimes hair loss is a result of a variety of factors like family history or a medical condition. Similarly, there are different ways a person can have alopecia areata. And, there are variety of reasons why you may have alopecia.

But, the most commonly thought trigger is severe stress. However, hormonal changes and allergies were also thought to cause this condition. Yet, a new case has shed light on another potential trigger: pressure.

The Case of Severe Bed Head

Doctors in Rio de Janeiro were baffled when a 14-year-old girl lost hair in small patches. The symptoms suggested alopecia areata. But, they thought it was more than that.

The reason for this is because she had spent time in the hospital prior to developing these symptoms. She had complications due to type-1 diabetes. And, spent days in the hospital. Furthermore, she was unconscious for 4 days of her stay.

So, doctors speculate that the time she spent bedridden may have contributed to the alopecia. They reason that pressure on the hair follicles and scalp may have brought it on.

Rare Condition and Circumstances

Furthermore, the patient didn’t suffer from alopecia areata at all. Instead, doctors concluded that it was Nonciatricial Pressure-Induced Alopecia. And, it is very rare.

This rare hair loss condition type happens during long periods of hospitalization. Or, immobilization during long surgeries.

During these periods, blood supply to the scalp is limited due to a lack of blood supply to the scalp. This, coupled with hair follicle compression from laying down may cause hair loss.

Finally, this condition is sometimes misdiagnosed. This is because the symptoms are like the other alopecia. And, the cause is so unusual.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why people develop hair conditions. This rare form of alopecia and its unusual cause is one example of a situation that many doctors don’t account for. That’s why it’s very important to see a specialist if you experience hair loss.