Three Bad Showering Habits That May Be Thinning Your Hair

If you notice your hair starting to thin, you might want to pay attention to what you’re doing in the shower. By changing a few routine behaviors, you may be able to keep excess hair from going down the drain.

Taking Hot Showers

Everybody likes a hot shower, especially on a chilly morning. Unfortunately, those showers aren’t helping your hair. Just like your skin, hot water dehydrates hair. Rinsing with hot water could lead to brittle, dry hair prone to breakage. Hot water also washes out your hair’s protective oils quicker.

Change the habit: Try showering in more moderate temperatures. Rinse your hair with the coolest water you could tolerate.

Brushing Hair in the Shower

Multi-tasking may save time, but skip brushing or combing hair in the shower or while it is still very wet. Hair is the most fragile when saturated with water. When wet, hair’s protective cuticles are slightly raised. Vigorous brushing or towel drying pulls out more hair than you want to lose.

Change the habit: Comb or brush your hair before getting in the shower. Blot wet hair with a soft towel to dry it. After your hair dries, it becomes more resilient to combing and brushing.

Not Washing Your Hair Enough

Whether you are trying to save time or just feeling lazy, skipping hair washes often could affect your hair health. Dandruff, dirt, and hair product build-up on the scalp can clog hair follicles. When the hair follicles are clogged, hair has a harder time growing.

Change the habit: Don’t worry if you skip the hair wash now and then. Washing your hair every other day is fine. If you are active and sweat often or use a lot of hair products, aim to wash your hair more frequently. Your hair follicles will thank you.

There are several reasons why hair thins. By changing bad showering habits, your hair and scalp will have a better chance to remain healthy.