Vegan Snacks for Thicker Hair

Grab one of these snacks on a daily basis, and reverse or prevent hair loss by giving your scalp and hair follicles the nutrients they crave to grow healthy, soft hair.


Figs make for an excellent on-the-go snack, and every time you have one, you’ll see the results in your hair. This portable dried fruit is one of the best sources of iron, a mineral that’s critical for shiny, thick hair that’s resistant to thinning and to damage.

Aim to eat 2-3 figs a day to see results.


“The fatty acids in omega 3 reduce inflammation and nourish hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and overall hair health,” reports hair health experts. “Nourishing omega 3 fatty acids also soothe and moisturize the scalp, and promote blood circulation, preventing dryness and dandruff.”

While most people get their omega-3s from fish, a plant-based alternative is flaxseeds. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as magnesium and vitamin B1. Add a tablespoon or two to your morning cereal or to a meal replacement shake.

High in omega-3, flas seeds help nourish hair, which prevents it from drying out and becoming weak.

Pumpkin Seeds

They’re not just for Halloween, but they come with spooky benefits! Pumpkin seeds are a great source for zinc, which promotes hair growth by improving your immune system strength and speeding up cell reproduction.

Toss a handful of pumpkin seeds into soups, onto salads or even into your morning cereal.


Berries boost collagen production thanks to their vitamin C levels. This antioxidant also helps to protect your hair follicles from the inflammation and damage that can lead to hair loss.


Dip into guacamole, and you dip into a wide array of hair-friendly health benefits.

Avocados are a healthy source of monounsaturated fats, which help to moisturize your skin from the inside out so your scalp has less flaky skin cells and is more supportive of hair growth. This fruit is also rich in vitamin E, which improves skin health by boosting circulation.