What Is the Connection Between Smoking and Hair Loss?

connection between smoking and hair loss

Researchers have been exploring the connection between smoking and hair loss for a long time now. According to a paper published in 1996, smoking increases both graying and hair loss. Recent scientific work has confirmed this.

How Does It Work?

Smoking disrupts the circulation, and thus decreases the flow of blood that feeds the follicles. Follicles need oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to work correctly. Bad circulation disrupts their growth cycle. This makes your hair thinner, and then causes it to fall out.

You should also take into account the fact that smoking speeds up the aging process. When your entire body is aging faster than it should be, you may start losing your hair ahead of schedule.

People who smoke are more prone to diseases, as smoking lowers the body’s defenses. Various studies have shown a connection between smoking and hair loss-related diseases, such as alopecia. The toxins in tobacco smoke can also cause skin diseases that affect the scalp.


If you’re experiencing an unusual degree of hair loss, lifestyle changes are a good place to start. In addition to a balanced diet and a healthy sleeping schedule, it is highly recommended that you give up smoking. As your circulation and immune system recover from the stress caused by smoking, your hair will most likely return to its original state.


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