What Is Vellus Hair and Why Is It Important?

what is vellus hair

This article will give a quick overview of vellus hair and some of the things you should keep in mind about it. So what is vellus hair exactly?

What Is Vellus Hair?

Vellus hair is also called baby hair. Some people also call it peach fuzz. These are the tiny hairs that naturally grow on the body.

Because vellus hairs are translucent, they are easy to miss. They develop in early childhood, and they cover almost all of the body, including the nose and the eyelids.

What Is Terminal Hair?

When we reach puberty, vellus hair turns into terminal hair on some areas of the body. Terminal hair is much stronger and darker. It needs a hormone called androgen to grow.

Male bodies generally have more of this hormone. This is why terminal hair is usually more widespread on adult men than on adult women. Teenage boys starting to develop facial hair is a great example of vellus hair turning to terminal hair.

However, vellus hair comes from the same follicles as terminal hair. It is also built from the same types of cells. The only real difference is in that the structure of a vellus hair doesn’t have a strong core.

The Importance of Vellus Hair

Vellus hair has a crucial role in regulating your body temperature. Additionally, it helps sweat evaporate from the surface of your skin.

You can also rely on vellus hair to indicate hormone changes in the body. So if you have noticed any sudden increase or decrease in the number of your vellus hairs, you might want to seek out professional advice. The change could come from a health problem of some kind.