What Nutrients Can Help With Hair Loss?


When it comes to hair loss you want to find a way to work through it quickly. We tend to focus on medications, but there are certain nutrients that may help that much more. These nutrients are the best when it comes to naturally working past hair loss. They can get to the root cause and heal, and therefore help to make any hair loss that you have experienced a thing of the past.

You Need Plenty of Good Fat

Fatty acids are of great help to you if you are experiencing hair loss. You want to be sure that you are eating plenty of foods that are loaded with good fats or Omega 3 fatty acids. These include foods such as avocado, walnuts and almonds, olive oil, and fish such as tuna and salmon. Take a supplement as well if you are worried about hair loss at a higher level.

You Need Plenty of Protein

This is truly the building block of everything that happens in the body. If you are experiencing hair loss then that may be due to the fact that you are deficient in protein. Even if you are just trying to be proactive, add more protein to your diet. It can help you if you find that hair loss is an issue, and it can help you to rebuild in an effective way.

Vitamin C and E Are Instrumental In This Area

Vitamin C can help to boost collagen production, which is essential to rebuilding the hair. Vitamin E is good for everything from better skin, nails, and hair. Be sure to take a supplement to fill in the blanks of what you may not be getting in your diet. These two vitamins are the most helpful when it comes to naturally working through hair loss.

Iron and Zinc Are Your Mineral Friends

Both of these minerals are proven to be great for hair loss. Even if you already take a multivitamin, it can be beneficial to take these specific supplements. They can help you if you are already experiencing hair loss or if you are trying to prevent it.

Try Some New Supplements

There are some supplements out there that are specifically made to help with hair loss as a condition. Try rosemary essential oil and apply it directly to the site of the hair loss. It has healing properties and can help to generate hair growth. Another great option is to take the supplement saw palmetto. Taking this supplement as part of a healthy diet can help you to naturally work through hair loss.

Though hair loss may be plaguing you it doesn’t have to be a certainty. Be sure that you focus on the right things and include these nutrients in your diet and lifestyle. They can help you in a wonderful way and naturally work past any hair loss that you may be experiencing.