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How to Pick a Hair Loss Product

Picking a hair loss product for your health is very important. You will have to ask yourself a few questions before buying it or after your doctor’s considerations. Did any research has been done? View...
three main types of hair loss in women

The 3 Most Common Types of Hair Loss in Women

Women sometimes experience excessive hair loss which can be quite stressful. Genetics, hormonal imbalance and some serious diseases may cause this condition. Not all hair loss is the same though. Keep reading to find out...
things to do before shaving your head

4 Things to Do Before Shaving Your Head

Thinking of shaving your head? If you’re going bald, it may be time. But, before picking up those clippers, here are 4 things to do before shaving your head. 1. Stop Denying It If you are...
food poisoning cause hair loss

Can Food Poisoning Cause Hair Loss?

Getting food poisoning is bad enough. The nausea and pain can leave you bedridden for a while. But, can food poisoning cause hair loss? The Link Between Food Poisoning and Hair Loss Yes, certain foods may...
link between gut health and alopecia

Is There a Link Between Gut Health and Alopecia?

Alopecia has many triggers. Can your gut health be one of them? Take a look at the link between gut health and alopecia. New Alopecia Trigger Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder. It has many triggers....
rare form of alopecia and its unusual cause

This Rare Form of Alopecia Has a Very Unusual Cause

Few people get alopecia. And, even less because of this cause. Find out more about this rare form of alopecia and its unusual cause. What Is Alopecia? There are many different ways a person can lose...
hair loss after cancer treatment

Is Hair Loss After a Bone Marrow Transplant Permanent?

Sometimes, it’s not possible to avoid hair loss after cancer treatment. After all, cancer drugs are very strong. They target cells that divide quickly, which includes hair follicle cells. So what happens if you have...
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These Leafy Greens Could Help Improve Your Hair Health

Experts say that eating Brussels sprouts comes with various health benefits. This vegetable is rich in useful nutrients. Hence, it could balance your blood sugar...
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5 Foods to Eat for Thicker and Stronger Hair

If you noticed your hair is getting thinner, you might be concerned about more than your looks. But, a thinner head of hair doesn’t...
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